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Bird Safety & Toy Sizing

Safety First!!


Safety Advisory

While we strive to make our toys and toy parts as safe as possible, remember that there is no such thing as a 100% safe bird toy. Please check all toys often. Tighten all pear and quick links securely. Please supervise your bird's progress with all bird toys.

Bird Toy Sizing Chart

Toy sizing recommendations (you can go up or down a size for aggressive and timid chewers. These are our recommendations. Please remember that you know your bird best:

Extra Small Toys

Cockatiels, small conures, hahn's macaw, budgie, lovebirds, parrotlets, etc.

Small Toys

All conures, caiques, indian ringneck's, meyers, pionus, senegal, kakarki, etc.

Medium Toys

African greys, small amazons, eclectus, small cockatoos (goffin), mini macaws.

Large Toys

Medium sized macaws (blue & gold, military, etc.), large amazons, medium cockatoos (umbrella, etc.).

Extra Large Toys

Large macaws (greenwing, etc.), large cockatoos (moluccan).

Note All toy sizes are approximate, as manufacturers may alter the size or style of a toy.

Banned Parts

We do not use the following toy parts due to safety concerns:

curly shoelaces: have an elastic center that can get wrapped around your bird's neck (note that this elastic center is not found in our regular shoelaces)

jingle bells: are a toe trap (the safest bells are pipe bells)

split key-rings: beaks can get caught in

unsafe dyes: we use food coloring

zinc parts: zinc can build up to toxic levels in your bird; we use stainless steel (when possible) or other zinc-free parts

Introducing A New Toy

If your bird is scared of a new toy, place the new toy on a chair or small table 4-6 feet away. Gradually move the new toy closer to the cage each day.


We found the following websites to be a great source of information on safety. (Safe & toxic wood / trees - birds, perches and toys) (alerts & toxins in your home) (Testing for Zinc in Parrot Toys, Play Gyms, and Cages)

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This is for everyones safety including your birds. This ensures that all our items are from a bird-free environment.